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Ultra power Quad disc Avdrag dry carbon fiber drags for superior stopping power, smoothness, and wear resistance. The best of the best.

Spartan Tackle Leaders

Leaders made by Spartan Tackle work EVERY TIME, ALL THE TIME! Dependability you can Trust!

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Catching Sandbar sharks in Texas!

Spartan Tackle Leaders

It's Life, Not Just Fishing.

  • Made in TEXAS

    Every leader is hand made in the great state of Texas and used around the world for land based shark fishing.

  • Highest Quality

    Every leader is triple checked for quality and double crimped for your peace of mind.

  • Most Affordable

    We believe in passing our blessings down to our customers. Every leader is priced right, for any budget.

  • Battle Tested

    6 years and counting, successfully building leaders and landing GIANT fish. We use our own leaders when fishing.

  • American Shark Conservancy

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    Rec Shark Fishing Project Objective:

    “To better understand the biological and social impacts of recreational shore-based shark fishing in Florida, we are working with volunteer anglers to discover catch rates, effort, survival, and economic value of the fishery.

    ”Why this project is important“

    Global shark populations are facing various threats throughout their ranges. This includes over fishing. Most research focuses on the impacts of commercial fisheries and very little on the impacts of the recreational sector. Recreational shark fishing in the United States is open access. There is no limit to the number of people participating, and catch-and-release fishing can target any species whether or not they are prohibited from harvest.”

  • Shark Bound Custom Rods

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    Specializing in the highest of quality in custom fishing rods. Built to order right here in south Florida and used around the world.

  • Texas Shark Rodeo

    Click here to JOIN or Learn About the Texas Shark Rodeo

    Texas Shark Rodeo (TSR) is a catch - photo - release team oriented shark fishing tournament with an emphasis on tagging and collecting data for the conservation of sharks. This tournament is brought to you by Sharkathon with help from various sponsors as we secure donations.

    TSR is in partnership with Texas A&M Harte Research Institute (HRI). TSR will be issuing tags and fin/clip vials for participants to help further shark research. Data will be collected via the TSR website during the competition. 

    This event is a "Leave no trace" event and we greatly encourage all participants to not only clean up after themselves when fishing but do what they can to leave the area they fished cleaner than when they arrived.

Understanding the Science of the Maracas

All Sharks Caught on Spartan Leaders

Legendary Spartan Leaders


This LEADER will catch anything that swims! Built and tested by real LBSF anglers. These Leaders have caught sharks all over the United States. From great white sharks on the West coast, to Florida's monster hammers and tigers. This leader is legal in Florida and Texas.


This LEADER is responsible for frustrating the world's best shark anglers with it’s majestic powers to call in sharks. As seen in our videos, the MARACA gets picked up first 80% of the time every time. It's Science and we can't explain it.

The Texan

This LEADER The World's Most Affordable Leader has a price that is unbeatable. The same can be said of its quality of construction. Aside from user error, this leader will not break. Does it have all the bells and whistles? Absolutely not. But it works, and lands fish every time. This is our way of giving back to our LBSF community.


Spartan Tackle is more than just a faceless website selling leaders-it’s a community, a family, a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Not only do they sell the equipment needed to chase trophy class sharks, but the customer service that comes with it will make anyone and everyone feel like family.

I’ve been using Spartan Tackle to acquire most Of my terminal tackle for several years now and I can say with certainty they have sourced the best quality tackle on the market. Travis and Zach have proved to be some of the most competent anglers to come out of Texas and will be able to help you find exactly what you need whether your Goal is to start shark fishing or enter the advanced stages of Catching grander size Mac daddy hammers.

The guys at spartan tackle offer top notch tackle at an unbeatable price. These guys are knowledgeable , honest and passionate about lbsf . That's exactly who i want to do business with ! High quality ! Built for real fisherman by real fisherman! A++ 

"Spartan Tackle!!!! Can't say enough about this company, it's quality, craftsmanship, loyalty to it's customers, and the best customer service around!! It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned veteran in the fishing community, or a beginner, these guys at Spartan Tackle will work for you, and help find was best suites you're needs and budget!! Spartan uses the highest quality components, they pay attention to detail and quality in all their tackle!! Shipping is fast! I have been using Spartan Tackle for several years now and have always had a very pleasurable experience with the guys and girls with this company!!